What is StrengthRx?
Movement. Nutrition. Mindset.

Combating pain and chronic disease, through strength and nutrition coaching.

What Makes us Unique?

Our Approach

Our goal is to empower and educate our clients in order to discover their own strength in movement, nutrition, and mindset. We focus on healthy daily habits that help optimize sleep, diet, exercise, hydration, stress management, and mindset. Helping you take control of your health so you may live a long, healthy, and pain-free life is our commitment to YOU!

Nutrition Plans

Personalized nutrition macro plan to help you achieve your body and health goals.

Corrective Exercise Prescription

Fix what’s broken before adding more stress to the body.

Joint Flexibility Assessment

Uncover your flexibility restrictions and address them.

Strength Balance Testing

Discover strength imbalances from side to side, front to back, and push versus pull. These can be associated with pain or lack of performance.

Personalized Strength and Conditioning Programs

We take all this information and then design an individualized program to address YOUR needs.

Individual Warm Ups

Individual warm ups utilizing the 6 phase dynamic warm up protocol.

Are you ready for your prescription?

Shout out to Chad at StrengthRx for amazing advice and a soild plan to help the pain in my knee that was limiting movement, and my life. Turns out it wasn't even my knee that was the problem! In the 30 min I spent with Chad I had less pain and greater range of motion. I even got a PR on my front squat! 😁💪 If you want to truly correct your bodies limitations and not just mask them with drugs and "medicine" then he is the man to see!!

Katherine T.

Over the past year or so I have made the transistion from being a good athlete to being a great one. Much of my success could be attributed to the guidance of Chad Volant. When I first decided to get really serious about my fitness I decided it was time to find someone who had more knowledge than me. In my travels I met dozens of great coaches and greate ppl. Even tho I had a great time and enjoyed meeting these ppl I always left feeling like I could help myself just as good as they could asist me. Before I even met Chad in person I knew he was truly going to be able to help me. He got a ton of info about me before even meeting me. Ensuring he would be able to help me the best way possible. Since working with Chad all my lifts have went up. My body fat percentage stays between 8-12%. I have gained muscle mass and my conditioning is better than it has ever been. Chad is the only person I currently know that I truly believe can help me better than I can help myself.

Bo Y.

In an effort to stay lean, I was restricting calories/macros but had little to no energy during the day. I could fall asleep at the drop of a hat! This was hurting my crossfit performance in addition to my everyday activities. Chad worked with me to gradually increase my macros over the course of 6 weeks. He also suggested supplements that along with the right nutrition, would have me feeling better. I was nervous to add the extra calories, but my performance at the gym improved and my body composition remained consistent. Chad has an easy-going and caring personality without judgement. I'm thrilled we are working together and will continue to set new goals for the new year.

Jennie Q.

Working with Chad had helped educate me on proper movement, nutrition, and many other things. Chad is very responsive and always willing to help when I have questions! Overall, I feel stronger, smarter and healthier!

Madyson H.

I have been working with Chad for over a year and have seen such amazing progress. He truly listens to what you need/want to accomplish. He also is great at helping you identify areas you can improve on that you otherwise most likely would not have identified yourself. Overall I cannot recommend Chad highly enough!

Michelle D.

Chad is an excellent fitness coach. And he's managed to make the shift to remote personal training easy and impactful. I defintely recommend Chad to other Gympass members!

Peter S.