Meet the Coaches
The Driving Force Behind StrenghRx

Chad Volant


In 2012, I opened my first gym with the primary focus of coaching high intensity group classes. This endeavor was a very memorable one, as we worked with our hundreds of clients to lose fat and to gain strength; however, it certainly came with adversity. High intensity exercise can often become more of a risk when people push themselves to the limits without emphasis on proper technique. Whether it was muscle soreness, minor injury, or the periodic client getting burnt out, this experience catapulted my passion to do everything in my power to help these individuals find relief without the use of pain pills, lengthy periods of rest, or even unnecessary surgery.

Beginning in 2017, I was able to pursue this passion of helping clients decrease pain and lose weight by completing a 90 day nutrition coaching certification through the Nutritional Coaching Institute. Following this certification program, I attended the 12 week Immersion Course provided by Dr. Sean Pastuch and The Active Life Group. In addition, the Pain-Free Performance Coach Certification by Dr. John Rusin has become the critical framework I use when working with clients in pain. The additional education and experience have allowed me to focus primarily on working with multiple Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) clients and individuals generally dealing with soft tissue pain daily. In addition, with the help of the pandemic, I was able to start helping people all over the country to use resistance training to gain range of motion and decrease pain symptoms through remote coaching.

My experience of in-person and remote coaching has allowed for me to become an expert at programming exercise and to truly help individuals become a healthier version of themselves. At StrengthRx, we are combining the remote coaching with the in-person fitness facility by designing customized exercise programs that you can access directly from your phone, while also receiving timely answers to your questions through direct communication with a coach.


Below are a few highlights of my career as a coach and business owner:

  • Creator of “Functional Strength Training”- Where aesthetics meets function. Look and feel better, while gaining range of motion (mobility)
  • Master Programmer and Movement Specialist for Mindful Performance Therapy (MPT), which provides an evidence based program for at-risk youth that incorporates physical fitness as a coping skill/emotional management tool.
  • Creator of “Functional Body Segment” – Turning “rest days” into recovery days. This short gym session is guaranteed to make you enjoy “cardio” and make you feel better than when you walked in.
  • Creator of “Boomers Bootcamp” - In partnership with the Otsego County Commission on Aging, we created the very first “aging adult” strength training class in Gaylord, MI.
  • Creator of multiple 12 week programs that specifically address soft tissue pain such as tendonitis, for the elbow, shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle.
  • Gaylord High Hockey Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Gaylord High Ski Team Strength and Conditioning Coach

Certified Pain-Free Performance Specialist

Active Life Immersion Certification

Nutrition Coaching Institute L-1 Coach

United States of America Weightlifting L-1 Sports Performance Coach

CrossFit L-2 Coach